In this episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview Christian entrepreneur and author, Jess Connolly.

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“You have influence right where you’re at.” You don’t have to be the most successful or most recognized person in the world to be influential. You have influence right where you are at in your life, right at this moment. You have the chance to either positively or negatively impact the lives of those around you simply by being you. So, Jess Connolly wants to know, how will you use that influence? As an entrepreneur, Jess has started a number of different businesses, all aimed at improving the lives of others and giving them the tools to keep moving forward every single day. From co-founding The Influence Network, which gathers a community of Christian women and teaches them how to use their influence every single day, to  co-founding She Reads Truth, an online forum for women to study the Bible together, to founding Naptime Diaries which eventually became the Amen Paper Company, which began as a small Etsy shop selling scripture prints, to co-authoring her first book Wild and Free, Jess is a champion in imparting upon individuals the power they have with their own voice and actions.

It was so inspiring to speak to Jess about all that she has accomplished and the lives she has changed, simply by being a positive light to others. It was an honor to speak with her, and I hope that you all enjoy  my discussion with Jess Connolly.

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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.