In the 116th episode of Keep Moving Forward I discuss my journey through radio and podcasting over the past year and the importance of taking that first step forward, even when the path isn’t visible yet.

WIT Connect 2017

WIT Connect 2017

One of my favorite sayings is “just keep saying yes until God says no.” I believe wholeheartedly in trying everything you possibly can until you find yourself on the path you were always meant to walk. The terrifying part is that you might not even see the path. It might be completely covered in leaves and rocks. To the point where when you stumble upon it, you won’t even recognize that it’s a path at all. And that’s where your faith comes in. You have to believe that what you are doing matters and is going to bring good to the world. You have to know that what you feel called to do isn’t crazy or purposeless, it is on your heart because it is precisely what you are uniquely qualified to bring into the world. You have to find that courage to boldly take that first step forward, even when there is no visible path in site. You have to trust that as you continue to walk courageously forward into all that you are called to be, that path will become clear and each step you take will eventually be upon solid ground. So, what are you waiting for? Take your first step, persevere no matter what, and always, always, always keep moving forward. The world is waiting for someone just like you.


WIT Connect 2018

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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.