“Where there is a wheel, there’s a way.” This mantra is at the forefront of the Kyle Pease Foundation, whose purpose it to “create awareness and raise funds to promote success for persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports.” This incredible organization was founded by the brother team of Kyle and Brent Pease. Growing up together in Atlanta, Georgia, sports were a huge part of their lives. Kyle has spastic Cerebral Palsy and quadriplegia so he usually watched his brothers play from the sidelines in his wheelchair, but that never quieted his drive and desire as an athlete.

As the two grew older they began taking part in races together. From the marathon to the Iron Man, they’ve conquered them all. Kyle knew that he was never limited by his wheelchair and wanted nothing more than to spread that positive message to others with disabilities. Kyle knew that he and Brent were on to something in their paired racing, thus the Kyle Pease Foundation was born. From 2012 when they sponsored their very first athlete to race through today, the foundation has grown to enormous heights and will continue to thrive underneath its unrelenting founders.

Kyle and Brent Pease

I have never spoken with two such driven individuals who absolutely refuse to give in. Their energy is contagious and they have touched so many already with their organization and will continue to do so. Kyle and Brent Pease embody the essence of the Keep Moving Podcast in that giving up really is for rookies. They know that you just have to take that first step, and your possibilities are limitless. I can’t thank them enough for taking the time to speak with me and I hope that you all enjoy my interview with the dynamic duo of Kyle and Brent Pease.

If you would like to learn more about the Kyle Pease Foundation head over to http://www.kylepeasefoundation.org and check them out on Facebook and Twitter @Walking with KPeasy and on Instagram @WalkingWithKP.

Kyle Pease Foundation

Always remember you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.