In the 106th episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview former DII Collegiate basketball player, author, and founder of Beast Athletics, Tuck Taylor.

“When who you are matches what you are doing, you can’t lose.” Last year, for episode 65, I had the privilege of speaking with Tuck Taylor about his experience as a collegiate athlete and how that helped him begin his own business. Today, I got the chance to catch up with him and all that he’s been up to. He offers some incredible insight and his growth and experience over the past year shine through. I hope you enjoy my interview with Tuck Taylor.

Thank you guys for listening, I hope that you enjoyed this episode. For more on Tuck and Beast Athletics, visit, follow Tuck on Facebook and Instagram, and follow Beast Athletics on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Be on the lookout for Tuck’s book coming out soon.

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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.