In this episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview founder and host of the top-ranked podcast Entrepreneurs On FIRE, John Lee Dumas.


How does a person find enough energy and drive to interview the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs every single day of the week? For the answer to that, we can turn to none other than the founder and host of the Entrepreneurs on FIRE podcast, John Lee Dumas. By allowing his vision and passion to pull him ever forward, JLD rises above and is able to go beyond what was ever thought possible: creating fresh and uplifting audio content 7 days a week.


Utilizing the discipline and mental fortitude instilled within him as an officer in the US Army, JLD knows how to relentlessly pursue his aspirations, no matter the obstacles that lie ahead, which, inadvertently prepared him for his future entrepreneurial journey. He completed a 13-month tour in Iraq as an Armor Platoon Leader and a total of 8 years in the Army and then set off to find a job in the corporate world.


He briefly attended law school, worked at John Hancock in Boston, then at a tech startup in New York City, and eventually found himself in San Diego in the Real Estate market. Spending the majority of the day in his car travelling, JLD searched for something to fill his time, and he stumbled upon podcasts. Enamored with the content he heard day in and day out, JLD realized that the shows he listened to only occurred once a week, leaving him content-less once he exhausted all the episodes he downloaded for the day. He wanted more, and he determined to fill that very void he found in the podcasting world.


Rather than a weekly show, JLD decided to create a daily show, interviewing today’s top entrepreneurs in pursuit of his ultimate goal: to inspire millions, which he successfully does every day.


Having the opportunity to speak with one of the world’s top podcasters and a US veteran was an honor. I hope that you enjoy my discussion with the one and only, John Lee Dumas.

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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.