In this episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview 3x USA track and field Olympian, Olympic gold and silver medalist, and 6x world champion in the long jump, Brittney Reese.


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“Trust the process and have faith.” It is easy to get sidetracked from your goals when things get tough. When your journey is plagued with hardship, strife, and struggle. So where does the strength come from to continue on and to, you guessed it, keep moving forward? Brittney Reese knows that this resilience comes from within. Her mental toughness is far more important than this Olympic long jumpers’ physical endurance. As a professional athlete, of course Brittney must constantly be in her best shape, however, the state of her physical being does not end with the power she exhibits when she jumps. The real fortitude she exhibits comes from within the confines of her own mind.


3 Olympic Games, one gold medal, one silver medal, and 6 World Championship titles as a long jumper for Team USA prove that Brittney certainly knows the importance of mental strength. For her resolve is how she made it through years of grueling training, competitions, sacrifices, and injury. She knows full well that a person must trust the process and have faith in the path that she is on, for success is imminent, so long as she works hard enough.

It truly was an honor to speak to this USA Track and Field legend, and I can’t thank her enough for the opportunity. I hope that you all enjoy my interview with a woman who truly refuses to give up, Brittney Reese.


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