In this episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview the founder of Blue Titan Fitness & Self-Defense, Executive Director of Companions for Heroes, and former police officer and SWAT operator, Eric Basek.


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“Our legacy is all that we are.” Being the entrepreneur that he is, Eric Basek knows the importance of legacy. Not in the simple sense of being remembered, but in being remembered for having a lasting impact on those around him. From a young age, Eric knew that he wanted to enter the realm of public service. He served as an EMT, saw first hand the devastation of the 9/11 attacks as he worked bucket lines at Ground Zero for several days after the Twin Towers fell, he was a police office for 8 years, and he served on a full-time SWAT team as a patrol supervisor. From the experience cultivated over his years in these different areas of service, Eric developed a knowledge of self-defense and the importance of fitness in not only those who protect us, but in the average person.


With this in mind, Eric set out to establish Blue Titan Fitness & Self-Defense in Rockaway, NJ, focusing on the art of Krav Maga. His practice is aimed at arming a person with the right level of fitness and self-defense to be ready for any situation that might arise. Eric holds many fitness, self-defense, and law enforcement certifications, and continues to further his education in these areas and others daily.


His primary focus to date is imparting the information that he has gathered upon other law enforcement officers in order to assist in their continual training. In fact, Eric even began his own nonprofit called “Stay Safe” aimed at assisting those in public service to help them gain the proper training to continue to safely serve. In addition to all that Eric has done in the public service sector, he is also the Executive Director for Companions for Heroes. C4H is a nonprofit organization that has a vision to help every American hero and save every shelter or rescue animal from euthanasia. Eric Basek serves this country on so many levels, so to say that it was an honor to speak with him would truly be an understatement. I can’t thank him enough for this opportunity, and I hope that you all enjoy our discussion.


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