In this episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview collegiate runner, Multiple Sclerosis battler, and motivational speaker, Kayla Montgomery.


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Run with a purpose. That is what Kayla Montgomery does. She uses negative forces in her life to fuel her into making positive progress. This positive shift began with running but now permeates every facet of Kayla’s life. Kayla was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 15. An avid soccer player and all around athlete throughout her childhood, Kayla did not know what to do when MS sidelined her for 8 months due to a loss of feeling in her legs. However, when she regained her mobility, she knew that she had to re-engage with the world of athletics, a world she knew better than anything else. This time, however, she would not be pursuing soccer, as the potential threat of contact was too risky. So, she turned to a new sport: running. Though Kayla did not initially show much aptitude for long distance running, she forged ahead and worked relentlessly to manufacture herself into an unstoppable running machine. While Kayla runs and exerts large amounts of energy, she gradually loses the feeling in her lower extremities, a side effect of her MS. So, by the time she reaches the finish line of her distance races, she collapses, unable to control her legs. But, of course, this does not stop her.


When Kayla was a senior in high school, she grew to be more than just an average runner. She was the top runner in the state of North Carolina, winning the state cross country championships and becoming the state champion in both indoor and outdoor track in the 3200 meters. Her running career did not begin and end in high school, though, as she now represents Lipscomb University as a varsity cross country and track and field runner at the NCAA Division I level of athletics.

Kayla has inspired so many with her incredible story, including myself. She is a reminder that there are no bad situations, just bad attitudes. I hope that you enjoy my discussion with Kayla Montgomery.

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