What would it be like to have Disney treats delivered right to your doorstep? All manner of character shaped and magically inspired delectable goodies coming right to you every single month? Well, with the launch of Annette Jackson’s subscription service Main Street Creations, you can find out. Annette has a background in accounting and finance, and has worked for the Federal Government since she was 19 years old. Growing up, she saw the passion with which her father pursued his entrepreneurial dreams, noting: “My Dad has been a business owner and entrepreneur his whole life. While I see the hardships and stress he faces, I also know he loves it more than anything! Even though I have a great job, I just feel like I could do something different that I would enjoy more.” That same self-starting spark she saw in her father, ignited within her, as well.

MSC_box 1

The idea for this innovative subscription service emanates from her passion for all things Disney: “My husband and I absolutely love Disney World! The first time I went I was 25 years old, and I instantly felt the magic and joy when I walked through the gates, came around the corner, and saw the castle.” Because of this love of Disney, Annette says “short of moving to Florida to work there, I think this type of business is my best option to let me experience Disney every day and the joy that it brings!”

MSC_Annette and family with Mickey

Annette and her family in Disney.

The numerous times that Annette has travelled to Disney, she felt that something that we all feel as we walk into any one of the four Walt Disney World parks…a true love of what the experiences bring to us. Annette wanted to capture that spirit and send it in a box to all who fantasize about their next Disney trip on a daily basis: “Every time we leave Disney World (I’ve been about 14 times now), we always stock up on snacks and bring a big bag of them home. Every time I get one out to eat, it just fills me with happiness and nostalgia. There really is something about Mickey shaped food! Whenever we run out of the treats, I always feel a little bit sad. I wanted to be able to get them at home all the time, but since Disney doesn’t sell them that way, I thought of this business idea…Take the excitement of the monthly box showing up at your doorstep, add delicious and fun Disney treats, and you have Main Street Creations!”


Minnie Mouse inspired box.

This adorably catchy name came to Annette as she was walking down the most famous street in America: Main Street, U.S.A. As you enter the Magic Kingdom and gaze down the corridor, which erupts at the end in Cinderella’s Castle, you can’t help but notice the sweet shops that line your path. One such store is the Main Street Confectionary, from which Annette derives her subscription service name. Annette says: “since each box will be a surprise mix of savory and sweet treats, I thought ‘Main Street Creations’ described it perfectly!”

MSC_box 2

Once a month, a subscriber is eligible to receive a box of delicacies that are exclusive to Disney. Annette will make frequent business trips to Walt Disney World to stock her shop and prepare for the busier times of the year. When a person subscribes to Main Street Creations, she is in for…well…a real treat! A subscriber can choose from one of four box sizes to receive each month, and that size box will determine the number of treats included within. The delicacies one might receive in such a terrific little box include items such as Chip and Dale snacks, Goofy’s Candy, character Rice Krispies treats, and Minnie’s Bake Shop items. Throughout the year, we might even be the beneficiaries of themed Disney boxes based upon the impending holiday seasons. Though there are ready-made boxes, Annette does offer a “personal shopper” option where a subscriber can customize his or her own box.


Having Disney delights shipped right to your door every single month sounds too good to be true. Annette made the impossible possible as she embodied Walt Disney’s philosophy of “quit talking and begin doing” as she “decided to overcome [her] fear and put in the effort to start a business that [she is] truly passionate about.” For all those who have a passion but might be afraid to take that plunge, Annette offers this piece of advice to you: “You don’t know unless you try! And if you don’t try, then you can be sure it will never happen. I know there are so many of us Disney fanatics out there, and I hope you all love this business, idea, and products as much as I do!”


Annette knows that being a Disney fanatic is not a rare thing, but it is rare to take a passion and have the courage to turn into something wonderful, successful, and worthwhile. Annette Jackson fits the mold of a passionate entrepreneur who decided it was time to follow her dreams, in a very fitting Walt Disney fashion.

MSC_Annettee in Disney

Annette in Epcot Center.

If you would like to subscribe, visit  Main Street Creations today!