In this episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview author, athlete, ultra ambassador for The Herren Project Runs initiative, and recovering addict, David Clark.


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“Question what you are capable of.” That is how David Clark ultimately found himself on the road to recovery and saved his own life. In his 20s, it seemed that David had it all. He swiftly climbed the corporate ladder and became an impressively successful businessman. However, beneath these successes David hid a dark secret: an addiction to alcohol, drugs, and food. At his lowest point, David weighed 320 pounds, he had a heart condition, 2 herniated discs, was pre-diabetic, and even eventually lost his 8 million dollar per year company.


David knew that it was time for a change, so he turned himself around and found refuge in the sport of running. In 2006, he ran his first marathon and has now competed in a number of endurance competitions around the world. In the pursuit of restoring his own life David aims to help others do the same as the Ultra Endurance Ambassador for The Herren Project Runs initiative, created to help raise funds for and awareness about addiction. To raise money in another way for The Herren Project, David is even competing in an UFC match later this year.


The only way David was able to come out of his addiction on the other side was because he constantly tested the limits of his own body. He found that if he was determined and driven enough, he truly could accomplish anything that he set his mind to. David continues to question what he is capable of on a daily basis and encourages others to do the same. His insight on life will leave you inspired to tackle any obstacles in your path and will make you see that you truly are capable of so much more than you ever imagined possible. I hope that you all enjoy my discussion with David Clark.

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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.