In this episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview the founder of Higher Scores Test Prep, host of The College Checklist Podcast, and host of The Unsexy Side: An Honest Podcast for Online Entrepreneurs, Lauren Gaggioli.


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Lauren Gaggioli

“Own your strengths and your weaknesses.” For entrepreneurs and students alike, this phrase rings loud and true. A person must not only understand the importance of promoting her strengths, but must also acknowledge her weaknesses, so that she might turn them into assets. No one better understands this idea than Lauren Gaggioli. With dreams of making it on the big screen, Lauren graduated from New York University with a degree in theatre and set out to Los Angeles, California. In order to make money while still being able to go to auditions during the day, Lauren decided to put her love of academics and helping people to good use in becoming an SAT and ACT tutor. She began by working with a large test prep company and then decided there must be a better way to engage with kids searching for help on these daunting standardized tests. So, she began her own online test prep company. From there, she started The College Checklist Podcast to help students and parents alike understand the college application and admissions process along with the importance of standardized testing. Lauren embodies her notion of owning your strengths and your weaknesses, because you simply can’t hide from your shortcomings when trying to be a successful student. You can’t actually hide from your shortcomings in any realm of life, which is why Lauren also began The Unsexy Side: An Honest Podcast for Online Entrepreneurs.


As an online entrepreneur herself, Lauren knows the ups and downs of the process of having a media presence. From the outside looking in, it is easy to see the glamour of being an entrepreneur. Having the ability to work from wherever you wish; appearing to make a substantial amount of money; being your own boss; just having all the fun in the world doing exactly what you want to do. While those all might be benefits of being an entrepreneur, Lauren recognized that it is easy to overlook exactly how difficult it is to create that online presence; to strike out on your own; to create something that generates financial returns. So, she began the Unsexy Side to discuss just that: the unattractiveness of being an online entrepreneur.


It was a privilege to speak with Lauren about her work and how she found herself in this niche market of test prep. I hope that you enjoy my interview with college admissions and test prep expert, Lauren Gaggioli.

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