In this, the 51st episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview author of My Heritage Book and founder of the publishing company Kids Heritage, Inc., Deanna Novak.


“Nothing is an overnight success.” During the first six weeks of my budding show, I was privileged to interview Deanna Novak after seeing her at work in EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World. In 2004, she took her passion for writing and desire to share her family heritage with her daughter and turned it into a business empire. Spending a year and a half in active development, Deanna created a very unique personalized children’s heritage story in the form of My Heritage Book.


From there, her story is one of true entrepreneurship and taking any chance she could to spread the word of her book, for she heeds: “Your biggest regret will be not saying yes to an opportunity.” After all, walking through the doors opened to her brought her to working in Walt Disney World and spreading her knowledge of heritage and love of writing with all who ventured into EPCOT Center.


In my initial interview with Deanna, we go into great detail about her background and how she came up with My Heritage Book, and today, nearly a year later, I followup with her on all that she has accomplished as well as some big changes and even greater growth coming to her and Kids Heritage, Inc. For a listen to that original interview, you can listen back to episode 6.


I want to thank Deanna for speaking with me yet again, and I hope that you all enjoy my interview with an entrepreneur who always figures out a way to make things happen, Deanna Novak.


For more information on Deanna, visit and follow her on Facebook and Instagram @MyHeritageBook and on Twitter @KidsHeritageInc.


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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.


If you want to take a listen to my original interview with Deanna, you can check it out here:

What Does Your Heritage Say About You? – My Interview with Entrepreneur and Author Deanna Novak