In this episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview former NCAA Division I Texas Tech Soccer Star and founder of Athlete Career Advisors, Kansas Bayly.

“You’re going to have many transitions across your lifetime. This is just the first.” Kansas Bayly knew exactly what she was going to do once she graduated from college and her soccer career came to a close. She was determined to be a sports broadcaster, and with an offer to work with NBC Sports right out of the gate, it was difficult for Kansas to see any other path. She soon realized, though, that this path she felt called down was, in fact, not right for her. So, she transitioned. After a while, she found herself working for Carvana in it’s early start-up stages and was drawn to the world of entrepreneurship. When soccer ended for Kansas, and her sports broadcasting career did not pan out in the way she hoped, she felt lost, like so many athletes do. She felt herself searching for a way to help the student athletes just like her, who maybe did not know what to do next with respect to their professional lives.

Noting that “athletes are everywhere” yet seem to be, in some ways, overlooked, she saw a need to help them directly when they felt the most lost and of least amount of value: right after their sports season ended and right before they graduated. In pursuit of bettering the life of the student athlete, Kansas created Athlete Career Advisors, a online platform for the athlete in search of a post-graduate career. This resource helps the athlete search for the right job for her, and helps the employer searching for that perfect candidate to fill the role they are looking for.

Kansas is a champion of the student-athlete and has dedicated her life to the betterment of their professional careers. Kansas Bayly is the perfect example of a former athlete who kept moving forward into her calling, and found a way to help the student athletes just like her along the way.

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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.