Dream, believe, dare, do. Isn’t that what Walt Disney asks of us? He encourages us to dream, helps us to believe, and then dares us to take a step forward out of our comfort zone and do whatever it takes to conquer our dreams. It is one thing to be inspired by Walt Disney and admire everything that he has done as an entrepreneur and a visionary, but how many of us can say that we truly live by his philosophy? Disney inspires every generation to dream while hinting simultaneously that dreaming as a solitary entity is not enough. Once you have a dream and it encompasses your every thought, you have to believe in yourself enough to know that this dream can become a reality; you have to be bold enough to take the necessary steps towards that dream; and finally, you have to do whatever it takes to accomplish it. To embody and thrive off of this Disney lesson is to be a true dreamer and lover of not only the magical world Mr. Disney created, but to also be a forger of your own destiny. There is no question that this process is daunting and it can be frightening enough to deter most from really moving forward and creating their own fate; but some embody the Disney spirit through and through, taking the world by storm and pursuing their dreams with every ounce of drive they can muster. One such dreamer and doer is Kassandra Bell, founder and owner of Magically Made Ears.

FID_Cinderella Carousel Ears

Magically Made Ears is a sweet little Etsy shop, which creates handmade, customizable Minnie Mouse ears of all varieties, shapes, and sizes. Having been a crafter her entire life, Kassandra combined her love of Disney and her passion for do-it-yourself projects into an entrepreneurial venture. The first interview I ever conducted for my This Week At Disney blog was actually via email with Kassandra. Just a few months ago when I first spoke with her, Magically Made Ears was just beginning, but in such a short time, Kassandra’s shop has bloomed into an extremely popular and successful business. I can personally vouch for her work as I have my very own pair of Mulan-inspired Magically Made Ears.

FID_Multiple Designs

It was wonderful to speak with such a driven individual and I hope that you enjoy my interview with a true entrepreneurial Disney princess, Kassandra Bell.

If you would like to purchase your very own pair of Magically Made Ears, head over to www.magicallymadeears.etsy.com. You can follow Kassandra’s shop on Instagram @MagicallyMade_Ears, on Twitter @MagicallyMadeEar, and on her Facebook page Magically Made Ears. Furthermore, you can follow her and her family’s story and trips to the parks on Facebook and Instagram @DisneyWorldCouple and on Twitter @DWCouple.

FID_Kassandra and Corey-First trip to Disney ever

Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.