In this episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview Disney entrepreneur and YouTube sensation, John Saccheri, AKA The Big Fat Panda.


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Chase your passions and the money will come. How many of you have heard this saying before? And how many of you actually heed these words? Taking a step into the unknown to chase a dream that might seem ridiculous to everyone else is a terrifying thought. Leaving behind the security of a stable income and promise of a sustained future, to pursue something that might crash and burn within the year. But what if you chase your dreams, and you become a success? What if the very thing that you are driven by actually becomes the most successful business you’ve ever been a part of? If I’ve learned anything from the interviews with the incredible men and women who’ve turned their Disney dreams into lucrative business ventures, it’s that it really is kind of fun to do the impossible. Taking this quote from Walt Disney himself is fitting, as the Disney entrepreneurs truly follow their hearts and honestly accomplish what the rest of us deem impossible: turning their dreams into successful realities. One such man did just that, and I had the honor of speaking with him for today’s episode.

Big Fat Panda

Fueled by a deep admiration for Walt Disney World, a true connection with his family, and a love for entertaining and making others smile, John Saccheri set out on a journey to meld his passions into something wonderful. From working at a travel agency to founding his own Mystery Shopping Company, John knew he was destined for something more. Utilizing his background in acting and lifetime of experience entertaining people, John created and became a YouTube sensation. Every month, he releases a video about what is going on in the theme parks in Orlando (with special emphasis on Walt Disney World, of course) and interviews special guests.


Inspired by the DreamWorks film Kung Fu Panda, John knew he didn’t want to be just anyone in the world; he didn’t want to be just another Disney guy; he didn’t want to get lost in the mix with all the other pandas out there. John determined that he wanted to be THE Disney guy, and thus became The Big Fat Panda. While never sugar coating the difficulty of starting your own business and what it takes to upkeep his YouTube channel and being The Big Fat Panda, John’s story will no doubt inspire you that you can absolutely succeed with your dreams, so long as you quit talking and begin doing.


It was an honor to speak with John today, and I hope that you enjoy my discussion with The Big Fat Panda.

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