In the 76th episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview Director of Brand Development for Tea and Coffee at Coca-Cola North America and former University of Georgia track and field star, Terri Polk.

“How can I be useful?” Terri Polk asks herself this question every day. No matter the situation she sets foot in, her aim is to help others in the way that they most need. She does not want to simply help others in the way she most sees fit, Terri seeks to understand what someone particularly needs assistance with and how she might use her strengths to best help.

This desire to help others stems from the values instilled within her by her mother, her coaches, and her years pounding away around a 400-meter oval. Terri knew from an early age that so long as you “dig in and try”, truly anything is possible. With the passing of Title IX, the opportunity to run track and field in college on a scholarship opened up to her, and she would stop at nothing to make the most of this chance. Prior to graduating high school, Terri received an offer from the University of Georgia, and she proudly headed off to Athens wearing that black and red. She represented her university and utilized every bit of resilience and mental toughness she developed as an athlete to help propel her into a successful post-athletic career life.

Her journey has seen many different turns, because Terri was brave enough to walk through any door opened to her.

I am so happy to have had the chance to speak with a fellow lover of track and field, and I hope that you all enjoy my discussion with Coca-Cola’s own Terri Polk.

For more on Terri, you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.