This week’s installment of my podcast is truly special to me, for I had the opportunity to interview a man whom I’ve revered since I was ten years old. The first time I saw the movie Rudy, I knew that I could do absolutely anything that I set my mind to, just as long as I worked hard enough. Rudy grew up in the town of Joliet, Illinois where he quickly formed a dream of going to Notre Dame and playing football for the Fighting Irish. After a long fought battle, Rudy found himself on the Notre Dame football team where he was granted the chance to play in one game for two plays wearing that blue and gold during his senior year. Following his college career, Rudy went on to become a motivational speaker in founding his company Rudy International 45. He has a number of books and of course, the famous 1993 movie that is played immediately following almost every televised Notre Dame football game in the fall.

Rudy Ruettiger

It was an honor to speak with Rudy. I am not at all lying when I say my conversation with him was a dream come true. I hope that you enjoy my interview with the man who epitomizes hard work, Mr. Rudy Ruettiger.

If you would like to learn more about Rudy, you can visit, or, of course, pick up a copy of arguably one of the greatest sports films of all time in, Rudy.
Rudy Ruettiger

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