In this episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview Disney entrepreneur and founder of Inside the Magic, Ricky Brigante.


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“Genuinely strive to do something you enjoy.” Ricky Brigante lives by these words every single day. In pursuing what he loves, he created a successful multi-media driven experience in his one-of-a-kind company, Inside the Magic (ITM). Driven by his passion for all things Disney, Ricky began ITM back in 2005 as a website and a podcast, with the goal of transporting his audience into the parks without having to physically be there. Ricky started with the building of this Disney community, but then expanded into other realms of entertainment and theme park experiences. With the growth of his team and the expansion of his company, ITM brings its audience only the most interesting and  impactful daily entertainment news and information.


Ricky is in constant pursuit of what’s next so that he can most effectively educate his audience. He has learned that nothing is possible without people, and aims to always provide the best he can for his followers.


I want to thank him for taking the time to speak with me today about his journey to becoming a Disney entrepreneur, and I hope that you enjoy my discussion with Ricky Brigante.

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