In this episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview entrepreneur, philanthropist, and co-founder of the Bené Company, Michelle Blue.


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In an effort to change the world for the better, Michelle Blue set out on a mission to tackle this goal, one scarf at a time. While attending the University of Georgia, Michelle went on a study abroad trip to Ghana and became enamored with the culture. She was drawn to the young women living there and the spirit that they emitted. Michelle learned about all the things these young women lacked, including receiving an education. Following the completion of her trip, Michelle called her best friend Sasha, who attended Florida A&M at the time, and told her that they needed to do something about this issue. With their cause in mind, Michelle and Sasha set out on a journey to accomplish their mission. Soon after taking off their caps and gowns in 2013, the Bené Company was born.


Michelle and Sasha determined that they would create high-end, fashion-forward scarves, manufactured right here in the United States, and with each purchase, a person would fund the education of a young woman in Ghana. Meaning “good”, Bené not only symbolizes the hope that the women in Ghana may lead a better life, but also the positive impact helping a person in need has on the consumer.


Michelle was overcome with the longing to be a part of these young ladies’ stories, and now, she forever will be. It was a pleasure speaking with her about all that she has accomplished and all that she aims to continue to do through Bené, and I hope that you are inspired by my discussion with Michelle Blue.


If you would like to find out more about Michelle or purchase one of her beautiful Bené scarves and fund the education of a young woman in Ghana, simply visit Furthermore, you can keep up to date on all things Bené on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @BeneScarves. You can also check out Michelle and Sasha’s story in the October 2016 edition of Southern Living Magazine.

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