In this episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview 4x heavyweight boxing champion of the world, author, public speaker, and founder of The HolyField Foundation, Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield.

Grace under pressure. Those are the three words most commonly associated with the only 4x heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield. With the unrelenting support of his coaches and a mother who would never let him quit, Evander took any adversity he faced in his life and channeled it into a winning attitude. He was told on numerous occasions that he was simply too nice to be a boxer; too nice to compete in the sport he chose, the sport he loved, and the sport he excelled at. But Evander never saw it that way. He was a fighter, a contender, and a warrior, and because of the grace he received from God, Evander chose to exude that same grace in every match he ever fought in.

From getting his ears bitten off by Mike Tyson, to having his chances at an Olympic gold medal stripped away, to every scenario where it appeared he got the short end of the stick, Evander never used an excuse and continued forward with the utmost respect for his opponents and his sport.

He discovered early on what it was going to take to turn his boxing fantasies into real goals, and once he set his pursuits in motion, he never looked back. Using his passion and drive developed in the sport of boxing, paired with his desire to help those children who came from the same difficult circumstances he came from, Evander founded The Holyfield Foundation, which champions the advice that his mother instilled within him: “Love is when you want someone to be better than you.”
Today, Evander is dedicated to helping the next generation see all that they are capable of, and be the guide to those children that he had in his mother and his coaches.
In celebration of the 60th episode of Keep Moving Forward, and in honor of Evander Holyfield’s June 2017 induction into the Boxing Hall of Fame, I hope that all who listen are inspired to get up, get going, and never quit. Because, according to Evander Holyfield, the only time you ever lose is when you quit.

If you would like to learn more about Evander, you can visit, follow him on Facebook @TheRealDealHolyfield, on Twitter @Holyfield, and pick up a copy of his books Holyfield: The Humble Warrior, and Becoming Holyfield, today.

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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.