In the 91st episode of Keep Moving Forward, I interview CrossFit Games Athlete and co-founder of CrossFit Terminus, Emily Bridgers Benson.

“I was tired of always saying ‘I want to be a little stronger’, so I just decided to get stronger.” From collegiate gymnast sidelined by injury to professional CrossFit competitor, Emily Bridgers is an unstoppable athlete. Through unshakable mental fortitude and a pure love of sport, Emily forged ahead in her career and qualified for the CrossFit Regionals in her first year as a CrossFit athlete, an unheard of feat. Since then, Emily has competed in numerous CrossFit competitions, including 4 times at the Games and hopes to make that 5 in 2018.

Her resiliency and determination is truthfully amazing and I am so grateful for the chance to help share her story. I hope you all enjoy my interview with Emily Bridgers Benson.

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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.