In this episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview entrepreneur, media specialist, founder of the Burdo Media Group, and former television news anchor, Michelle Burdo.

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Michelle Burdo

“Don’t let you be the reason why you don’t move forward.” We are capable of far more than we think. More often than we care to admit, our biggest enemy and toughest critic is us. We get into our own heads, sometimes to the detriment of progress. As an entrepreneur, and just as a person trying to move forward in her life, Michelle Burdo knows this reality all too well. From earning a degree in psychology, to the Disney college program, to working her way to anchoring a top 10 news station, Michelle embodies the idea that giving up is indeed for rookies. However, as a news anchor, she witnessed first hand how a person can be their own worst enemy. Interviewing local entrepreneurs for various news segments, she learned that oftentimes these small business owners were not ready to be received on television. They would be so nervous or ill-equipped that their time on air seemed almost wasted, as they could not properly get their business model across. Seeing this struggle, Michelle decided she had to do something about it. She took her goal of making people smile every day on the news and paired it with her television knowledge to become a media specialist and found the Burdo Media Group. As a mom and an entrepreneur herself, Michelle knows the true meaning of hard work and how badly these small business owners want to succeed. She knows what it takes, and more than anything wants to help those who need it. So, the Burdo Media Group does just that, helping individuals look good and sound good on camera.

Speaking with Michelle truly brightened my day, and I have no doubt that our talk will bring some sunshine to yours, too. I can’t thank her enough for speaking with me and I sincerely hope that you enjoy my interview with Michelle Burdo.

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