In this episode of Keep Moving Forward I interview collegiate athletic academic advisor, founder of 10000 Pencils, LLC, and breakout star of the Netflix Original Series, “Last Chance U”, Brittany Wagner.


“When you follow your passions, doors open and you just fall into things.” Work hard every single day, walk through every door that is open to you, and seize every opportunity you can as you keep moving forward on your journey in pursuit of your passions. Brittany Wagner’s own story as well as the stories of the student athlete’s she has dedicated her life to helping, reflect this same narrative of progress. As an academic advisor at East Mississippi Community College, Brittany has helped too many student athletes realize their dreams and move onto Division I and professional programs, to count. After highlighting this university’s football program as well as Brittany’s impressive impact on the student athlete’s there in the Netflix original series, “Last Chance U”, Brittany’s fame exploded overnight.


Her social media presence gained so much traction that she decided to use it as a platform to help more students than she ever anticipated she could. Recently, Brittany launched her very own academic athletic counseling service, 10000 Pencils, LLC, named from her signature phrase from the show “do you have a pencil?” Brittany’s company is taking off, as is her career as a public speaker and motivator of the student athlete. I learned so much from speaking with Brittany and I am excited for you to experience all the insight she has to offer. I hope that you all enjoy my interview with a woman who fosters the guidance and support every student athlete needs, Brittany Wagner.


For more on Brittany, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Brittany_MSGirl, and check out In addition, tune into this season of “Last Chance U” starting back up on July 21st.


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Always remember, you can beat the odds and go the distance, if only you keep moving forward.