“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me.” -Erma Bombeck


A legacy that matters is one that empowers other people to continue your good work long after your physical being is gone.


When asked “what do you want to be remembered for” in episode 60 of the Keep Moving Forward podcast, Evander Holyfield responded: “God isn’t going to ask me how many times I became heavyweight champion of the world; he will ask ‘who did you help?’”


When I ask this question of my interviewees, sometimes they take it as what they hope is on their tombstone, or what they think will be said of them at their funerals. And I leave it open-ended for that reason; I don’t want to pigeonhole them into one way of thinking about an answer to this question. I want them to take their response in whatever direction comes most naturally to them. But the very first time I asked this of one of my guests, I assumed the answer would be taken in the direction of legacy and how it will be sustained once the person is longer physically part of this earth: the way Holyfield answered it; reflective of how Erma Bombeck viewed it. What are you doing today to impact other people, so that the good works you’re doing live on long after you’re gone? The thing is, your name might not ever be known to the whole world, but those you’ve touched will forever be changed because of you and they will never forget you.


Legacy is something I constantly think about because of the nature of my podcast and what I am trying to accomplish through it. Today, we have the ability to use our voices in a way past generations were unable to, because of the platforms at our fingertips. With this incredible gift we are given, we have no excuse but to use the influence we have right where we are at. We have this incredible opportunity, and to waste it would be to waste the impact we could have…to waste our legacy. Rather than add to the negativity we see streaming from all corners of the Internet, we should take full advantage of our potential influence and the platforms we stand upon to be the pillars of light shining through for others to see.


You have no excuse. Be a light. Seize every opportunity. Change your world.