“Discouragements and distractions will abound in your life, but the people who make the greatest impact in the world are those who resolve early that, no matter what comes, they will never quit.”

-Ben Stuart-

In this moment, how do you define yourself? If this thing you define yourself as were to go away tomorrow, who would you be? Where would your worth go?

Everyone, athlete or not, goes through so many transitions in his or her own life, and at the core of these transitions looms a loss of identity. So, what happens when you lose your identity? How do you come out the other side, firmly set on a new path, and ready to take on the world in your new calling? Well, what if I told you that you never had to lose who you are in the first place? I’m not presenting a reality where this transition will be easy, but instead, I am offering a place where you can always maintain your sense of self. Instead of placing your value in a single fleeting circumstance of your life, why not place that worth in something much deeper; something that, at your core, you will never lose?

I believe the answer to that lies at the center of your answer to this question: what do you want to be remembered for? If who you are today is in pursuit of the betterment of only yourself, then by the time the next transition in your life rears its head, you will be lost all over again. Grasping for an identity that no longer exists because it was circumstantial. But, if what you are doing today is in pursuit of the genuine betterment of others, in pursuit of leaving something behind for future generations that will advance the world (or at least your expanse of the world), then your identity does not live moment to moment. Your sense of self will not belong to the season of life you are in; it will not disappear outside of the parameters of this day and time…it will forever be ingrained within your heart. It will be the anchor that keeps you centered; it will guide you through and never lead you astray.

Find your worth; know who you are; stay rooted in your cause; and never quit.