The big day.

When episode 100 of Keep Moving Forward will be released, and I have a big plan in place. My desire is that episode 100 of the Keep Moving Forward podcast will feature an interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Speaking with a mentor of mine the other day, he suggested an interesting tactic in securing guests. He had me consider who the “big get” would be for my podcast. Who is someone I would love to speak to more than anyone else. My initial response was Rudy Ruettiger, a man who’s been my biggest role model since I was 10-years old, and whom I’ve already had the privilege to interview. After thinking about it for a few days, though, I realized the perfect guest for my show is Dwayne Johnson: a former professional football player, sidelined by injury, and having to learn how to transition in so many facets of life, all the while using his athletic background as jumping off platform. Speaking to him about how he made it through each of these transitions, what his entire athletic career was and is like, how he is so driven to succeed in everything he does…I can think of no one better.


I begin my pursuit of the Rock today, in the aftermath of the release of episode 80 of Keep Moving Forward. I am taking this public because:

1. Dwayne Johnson is incredibly active on social media and, to date, I have found no other way to get in contact with him.

2. I need your help, my dedicated Forward Followers. I actually want to reach The Rock and my best bet seems to be through sharing and tagging social media.

3. I want you all to hold me accountable in this daily pursuit. Making me prove that I am, in fact, doing all that I can to make this interview a reality.


Maybe you think I am crazy and that goals must be tangible, measurable, and realistic, right? Well:

Tangible: I have 20 weeks to secure an interview with The Rock. It’s within reach. I have a deadline.

Measurable: Securing an interview with The Rock will solidify one heck of a 100th episode. If my journey there is unsuccessful, then I have this 20-week period to go all out and determine whether or not I did everything in my power to conduct this interview.

Realistic: I’ve interviewed people on my podcast whom I’ve looked up to my entire life. From Rudy Ruettiger to Evander Holyfield…never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be able to have conversations with these incredible human beings. But I have. So, the way I see it, I have a chance to get this interview if I work hard enough for it. Because I think we all know at this point that giving up is for rookies.


So, here goes everything.