“You have green hair,” he told me. “Did you know that?”

“No,” I said.

“Why not?”

“I look in the mirror. I see my hair is black.”

“That’s uh, interesting. I guess you understand that you have green hair about as well as you understand that you’re a terrible reporter.”

“What do you mean? What did I do?”

“That’s a very interesting reaction,” [he] said. “Why didn’t you get so defensive when I said you had green hair?”

If I were certain that I wasn’t a terrible reporter, he explained, I would have laughed the suggestion off just as easily.

(from the NY Times piece: “The Trolls Among Us”)


Do you lack confidence in any aspect of your life? Sometimes you might not even realize that you lack confidence in one area until you are challenged. Maybe someone questions what you are doing, questions whether you are capable of achieving the goals you’ve set before you, comes from the perspective that you are not qualified to take on the projects you wish to tackle. Until you are challenged, these insecurities might not ever be present in your mind…until the moment they are. Until you are able to say that you are confident in your aspirations and what you are working towards every single day with as much conviction as you would say that you do not have green hair, you will always question the decisions you make in pursuit of your passion.


So, how do you go about combating this? How do you squash those insecurities?


Remember why you started…remember that you are called to do precisely what it is that you are doing. You have value right where you are at, and to let someone else into your head and allow what they say to convince you otherwise to the detriment of the achievement of your dreams, would be to waste this gift you’ve been given.


You don’t have green hair; you are meant to be here; and you have value in this exact moment. Don’t let negative thinkers tell you otherwise…because giving up is for rookies.