What happens when you love a Disney movie so much that it creeps into your every day life? When that one Disney movie or all Disney movies in general, dictate your every thought? Well, I can tell you what happens.


On Saturday, I made the first big purchase of my adult life: a puppy. It was much needed, of course, and he is proving to be the best little thing that has ever happened to me. In determining the name of this little ewok-looking baby, my family and I tossed around some ideas. Ultimately, we came down to two final names: Koda and Sulley. Both are great characters in two wonderful Disney movies: Brother Bear and Monsters Inc. Though his bear-like appearance makes Koda a truly perfect name, I had to go with Sulley.


Sulley, or James P. Sullivan, as I refer to him in his formal state, is the sweetest little teddy bear you could ever hope to meet. He is playful, lovable, and worthy of the name bestowed upon him. One of my favorite characters of all time is Sulley from Monsters Inc. He is a fearless leader, has a heart of gold, and his blue and purple fur is impossible not to adore.

Puppies eating breakfast

James P. Sullivan is the best “scarer” that Monsters Incorporated has ever seen. With his best friend, Mike Wazowski, by his side, the unstoppable team revolutionizes the way that Monstropolis is powered. Sulley and Mike work harder than any other monsters to make sure that all beings, monster and human alike, are given a fair chance.

Dingo and Sulley

I first fell in love with Sulley because of the reason I revere all my idols: Sulley works harder than any other monster. He has an uncanny amount of natural ability, but it is not wasted. We see in Monsters Inc. that Sulley works very hard to get to where he is, but that is not without the help of his best friend, Mike. In Monsters University, we see that Mike is the relentless worker who wants nothing more than to be a scarer. Unfortunately, Mike simply does not have it. He works harder than anyone, but the natural ability that Sulley has is lost on Mike. But when Mike and Sulley join together and Sulley’s talent is paired with the work ethic of Mike Wazowski, an unstoppable creature is formed.

Sulley and MU hat

I love the Monsters films because of their funny and creative storylines, but the reason these films are at the top of my Disney movies list is because of the characters. Mike in Monsters University and Sulley in Monsters Inc. are the epitome of hard work. Because of my love of these films and my tendency towards all things fluffy and cuddly, the perfect name for my new little sidekick had to be Sulley.


At this point, no matter what animals I get in the future, I know they are all bound to have the names of my favorite Disney characters. There are just too many great ones to choose from. I love my little Sulley, just as I love Mr. Dingo and our baby Rudy. I am ecstatic to have this little guy join the MallardMade team.