If you’re waiting for your moment, don’t. Start now. If you’re wondering if you had to be born to paint or sing or dance, you don’t. You just have to choose to become someone else, if the role you’re playing isn’t the one you wanted. You don’t become an artist by moving to New York City without a penny to your name. You become an artist because you decide that’s what you’re going to be, and then you do the work.

“Real Artists Don’t Starve”

Jeff Goins

Simply choose to become someone else, and that is who you will become. Is it really that simple? Do you believe that this could actually be true? How quickly would you abandon the security of your current path in life for the pursuit of “the possible”? In pursuit of what you could become? Are you confident enough in yourself to succeed?

The thing is, you really will never know until you try. But if you believe in your heart that you are called to pursue this new, unknown, yet hopeful path, then have faith. Have faith in your abilities and have faith in your calling. You were made for such a time as this.

Will you rise to the occasion?