While at the Sandy Springs Business Radio X (BRX) Studio the other day, I got to talking with BRX founder, Lee Kantor, about how he began this brand and what it means to be a part of it. He reflected on his meaning of social entrepreneurship and commented that being in this community, a person must realize that the goal is not to simply accomplish the daily tasks associated with running a studio. Rather, a person must look at the larger picture at hand and not only consider what the BRX name means to those on the outside looking in, but what it means to the individuals who represent the brand daily and champion the BRX name.


He said something that struck a chord with me in that it’s not just believing in the name, but in believing in the sustainability of the name. For Lee’s own examination of the long term and how to bolster the BRX brand, he refers back to his “why”. Why did he begin; why did he want to help the small business owner? And that “why” is what sustains him; what sustains the BRX name for him.


The mission of BRX is to tell 1 million positive business stories, and to bring to the forefront those small to midsize businesses that might otherwise be overlooked by traditional media. Lee and BRX co-host, Stone Payton, aim to turn the way media examines business on its head by projecting all the good the small business owner does day-to-day.


As I reflected what this meant to me with respect to BRX, I also consider it in the context of Keep Moving Forward. I created this podcast in order to develop a platform where I could speak with former collegiate and professional athletes turned entrepreneurs. My interviewees and I discuss how they use the values and skills instilled within them through their sport to help them in the transition from athlete to business owner. In having the opportunity to share these stories of the entrepreneurial athlete, my aim is to educate and positively impact the current generation of collegiate student athletes in order to best prepare them for their lives post-graduation.


The incredible chance I have to work with the BRX team while simultaneously pursuing my own passions helped me solidify my own “why”: I want to be the resource I needed when I graduated from college. I hope to foster within those students who are just like me the undeniable truth that they have extreme value to add to the world because of their athletic background, and that winning mentality and knowledge that giving up is for rookies they all possess will propel them ever forward into any successful future they can imagine.


So, what is your “why”? Why are doing what you are doing at this exact moment? Is it something that will help you achieve the bigger picture in your head? Get you one step closer to tackling your ultimate goal? Once you remember why you started, nothing will stop you from progressing toward what you were always called to do.