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“He does not know how to give up.”

Walt Disney epitomized this motto, for he knew that his goals were always in reach so long as he never gave up in his pursuit of them. It seems that he continually found a way to succeed, as is prevalent in Tom Hanks’ portrayal of Disney in Saving Mr. Banks, detailing the tenacious entrepreneurs’ pursuit of P.L. Travers, author of the famous Mary Poppins books. Disney knew that he wanted to make Mary Poppins’ tale into a film, and he stopped at nothing to convince Travers to give him the rights.


This story is romanticized in order to fit the Hollywood bill, and there are a few discrepancies from reality to motion picture; but at its core, the story is an authentic depiction of a determined man who only knew how to keep moving forward. Walt Disney pursued P.L. Travers for 20 years because he so badly wanted to turn her book into a movie, and, of course, he did just that in the form of an Oscar award-winning classic. All it took was finding a way to appeal to Travers and make her see his beautiful vision.

The work ethic of this ambitious dreamer is to be admired and ultimately something to aspire to. Every step of the way, Disney figured out what Travers wanted and adjusted accordingly. What is even more telling of the unrelenting desire of Walt Disney is that the things he was not willing to concede on, Travers eventually came around to, for his passion was infectious; Disney only had to show her the endless possibilities that he saw in the bringing to life of Travers’ beloved Mary Poppins. After a 20 year pursuit, she finally agreed to free her characters from the pages of her books and put them on the big screen for the world to delight in.


While Saving Mr. Banks focuses on this one instance in Disney’s life, he built his successful empire because of his ability to continually inspire others by showing them his passions throughout his entire career. He pushed the boundaries of filmmaking and never ever gave up. He knew exactly what he wanted to do, and he always found a way to do it. Walt Disney held the essence of entrepreneurship at his core, and simply refused to do anything but keep moving forward towards the attainment of his goals.



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