“If you see someone and he is breathing, he needs to be encouraged.”

-Melvin Maxwell


Everyone needs encouragement. To be told they matter, that they have value right where they are at in life, that they have worth in whatever season they are walking through. From the person who seems like she has it all together, to the person who looks like the right gust of wind might knock him off his feet, we all need to be told that we can do it.


We hear that all the time…whether it be from someone sincerely motivating us, or simply expressing something because they don’t know what else to say: “You can do it.” But do what exactly? What is the “it” that we can all apparently do?


The “it” is whatever we make it to be. What do you want to most accomplish in the moment that you are told you are, in fact, capable? That’s your “it.” The intent is there, you simply need to use those words to propel you forward into the achievement of your own goals and in the process, help others conquer their goals, as well.


Be intentional…when you encourage others, you open up to be encouraged yourself.