If you knew you were going to die on Friday, what would you do differently this week?


Would you completely change your routine? Quit your job? Travel the world? Read all the books you’ve been meaning to get to? Make sure everyone you love knows how much they mean to you?


If you can think of something you would do differently, then my question to you is this: why do you put yourself in a situation every single day that you would change in a heartbeat if faced with a sure date of death? The only thing that is guaranteed to you is the moment you are living in. Right now. Your tomorrow is never certain. So why would you suddenly decide to pursue your passions if you knew for a fact you would be taken from this earth in exactly one week? What is really keeping you from pursuing the life you imagined all the days of your life?


Why are you settling?


The only thing keeping you from doing what you love is yourself. There is no excuse. If you dread waking up on Monday morning because you hate what the week ahead will bring, whether in your job or the circumstances of your life…make a change.


You have the power to do that.


The adage to live each day as if it were your last holds so much truth, because of the uncertainty of your tomorrow. You don’t know your own expiration date, so stop settling and go after your dreams now.


You have no excuse and no time to waste.