Think about your day. What did you achieve? Were you productive in pursuit of your ultimate goal? Or were you simply taking part in activity? Going down your to-do list just for the satisfaction of putting a checkmark next to a completed task? Of course, there are tasks throughout any day that are necessary to complete, no matter how hard you might try to get around them. But when you reflect on this day, can you definitively say that overall, you were in pursuit of your one true calling?


It’s easy (almost too easy) to get caught up in the monotony of completing things on our to-do lists simply for the sake of telling ourselves we accomplished something. But if what was checked off on that list does not securely bringing us closer to our overall goal, then it seems that accomplishment for the day takes the form of activity rather than true action.


Do not live your life just to get by. You will miss the huge window of opportunity you have to effect change in this world, at this exact moment, with the platforms at your fingertips. Find your grit, use your time wisely, and thrive.