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Author: Katy Galli

Georgia Girl On My Mind

As a puppy, they seemed to love me, but soon they grew tired of my antics. They were going to have a new baby human and I grew too big for their home. So I was sent away to live with someone else. Then, my second home couldn’t keep me anymore…so I was sent back to my first family. They didn’t really want me the second time around, but since I had nowhere else to go, they reluctantly took me back in. A third time, all hope seemed lost. They had wanted an English Bulldog for some time, and...

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It’s Not Called Gym-nice-tics

From a time in my childhood that I can’t even remember up until I was 12 years old, I was a gymnast. I am not lying when I say that sports have always had a huge influence on my life, because there was never a time when I was not involved in organized athletics. I tend to think that there were three sports that occurred at crucial points in my life: gymnastics, basketball, and track. I played many others in my younger years, but as I grew older, I had to narrow my focus if I ever really wanted...

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The Entrepreneurial Athlete

“I am an athlete. I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quite trying.” –Anonymous   Athletics relies on talent and hard work, and a person requires both if she wishes to reach any level above amateur. Of course, there is no shame in playing a sport simply for the joy that it brings you; but the true test of character comes when you choose to remain loyal to your sport, knowing that it will never bring you any fame, fortune, or recognition other...

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Making Progress in your Sleep

I make sales in my sleep. Yes, that is a cliché, and no I am not actually arrogant enough to think that I am such a skilled businesswoman that I “know it all.” However, I learn new things everyday, and one such thing occurred to me the other morning. I woke up, and I made a sale during the night. I wasn’t actively promoting in my sleep, but a dog bed was still purchased. As I examined the email notification, it dawned on me that I found a new measure of success: every morning, wake up with new additions...

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The Impossibility of Hurdling Your Mental Block

Even if you are physically capable of doing something, and you know that you have that ability, your mind can hold you back. In any sport you play, “the mental game” is always discussed. When there is a minute left on the clock and you physically cannot give anymore, you tap into that part of your brain and kick it into gear. You push harder than you ever thought you could in that last 60-seconds. After sprinting around that oval, and you are coming down the last 100-meter straight away, you think that you have spent all of your...

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